In a candidate driven market, finding that unique person to fill your role can be difficult. As an agency we will always try to find our clients candidates that match the brief as closely as possible. There are times when some creativity is required and when thinking outside the box may prove beneficial.


A larger candidate pool to choose from

By being open minded and looking at candidates from other sectors with strong transferable skills this then opens up the number of potential candidates to look at.

A quicker recruitment processes

Recruitment can take a long time. It can take months to find the candidate that ticks all the boxes, especially in a candidate driven market like Cumbria. By widening the search and skill sets, the right candidate may come along who is from a different sector but whose transferable skills and really add extra value to your team.

A variety of backgrounds in your team and company

Successful businesses tend to have employees with a wide and varied workforce. Diverse skillsets and experiences can lead to fresh and innovative ideas.


The next time you may be looking to appoint someone who fits your job description 100%, why not think about taking someone who maybe fits 60 – 70%, but who can bring 30% of new skills that can really add value to your business.


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