Cumbria, United Kingdom
Date Posted
20 November, 2018
Job Type
£28,000 - £35,000 Plus Car
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Sales & Marketing

Regional Manager

An exciting opportunity to work with a regional soft FM business in a regional manager capacity, role would be dealing with a mixture of clients ranging from public sector organisations, retail, commercial and PFI contracts.

Managing designated accounts ensuring that services are delivered within budget and with a high-level service standard. The Account Managers will focus on five key business areas.

1. Business Growth
2. Satisfied Customers
3. Effective Staff
4. Safe Working
5. Profitability

Business Growth
1.1 Devise and deliver a plan to sell new services and products to existing customers
Dual Cleaning/ food services to those with single service
Fore and safety services
1.2 Develop relationships with potential customers
Maintain relationships with former customers
Carry out market research locally
Identify potential new customers
Acquire information about our competitors
Obtain referrals and references from existing customers
Provide information for database/CRM systems
Provide information to and support our bid writers
Present sales proposals to potential customers
Hold taster sessions for schools
Report selling activity/successes to senior management
1 .3 Mobilise for new business won
Fully understand the bid and contract documentation
Plan the steps to mobilise
Recruitment of supervisory staff
Delegate tasks as required to the team
Check tasks are completed on time
Liase with the customer to refine requirements and inform on progress

Satisfied Customers
2.1 Know the agreed service specification for each site in detail
2.2 Visit the site to monitor service first hand (wherever possible this should be before a meeting with the customer),
Monthly — if necessary, to deal with operational problems
Quarterly (half termly on site) as the nom
2.3 Meet with the customers main representative
Monthly — If necessary, to deal with operational problems
Quarterly (half termly on site) as the nom
Occasionally (only if the customer declines more frequent meetings)
2.4 Plan school curriculum links, promotional days/theme days and taster sessions with head teachers
2.5 Be the customers port of call in the event of any significant service issues
2.6 Deal with any service Issues quickly and effectively
2.7 Renew contracts in advance for as long a period as possible, subject to price parameters agreed with senior management
2.8 Understand and analyse information on meal uptake, customer retention and customer survey results

Effective Staff

Manage direct report
Plan how to strengthen the team
Check compliance with key controls when visiting sites
3.2 Chair hearings
Grievance (in agreement with the Operations Director)
Disciplinary (in agreement with the Operations Director)
3.3 Act on information about absence/sickness, recruitment & vacancies and training

Safe working

4.1 Set the tone by putting health & safety first
4.2 Understand our safety systems and standards
4.3 Check that audits are being done adequately and effectively
4.4 Manage the investigation of any major accidents or near misses (detailed investigations to be done by the service coordinators), liaising with our H&S team and the customer
4.5 Action any findings from audits and investigations
4.6 Identify common themes for safety campaigns


5.1 Sales/cost targets & budgets
Analyse what we do and how it can be improved to Increase profit
Propose specific improvements for inclusion in targets and budgets
5.2 Plan what to do
Understand contract costing, then resource contracts as appropriate
Plan how to cover sickness/absence cost effectively
Equipment investment/replacement
Meal uptake development
Pricing changes
Cost reductions
5.3 Delegation to the team
Service Coordinators Administration Team
Mobile support Supervisors/Workers
5.4 Check and approve (within the boundaries of the Financial Delegation authorisation) Recruitment
Sales contract
Expense claims
Overtime claims (sample check those authorised by service coordinators)
5.5 Understand monthly trading results
Area vs. area (compare & Review)
Coordinator vs. Co-ordinator (compare & contrast)
Individual sites vs. quote, budget, forecast, previous year (understand variances)
Cumbria, United Kingdom
Date Posted
20 November, 2018
Job Type
£28,000 - £35,000 Plus Car
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