Despite the increasing amount of speculation over recent weeks, we are still waiting for Google for Jobs to be available in the UK.  So in the meantime, here’s a quick brief on what it is and how you can use it as part of your talent attraction and recruitment toolkit:

What is it? 

Google for Jobs is an enhanced search feature that collects job listings from job boards and career sites and displays them with maximum stand out at the top of the results page.

There is a dedicated job search results section like this:


Search engines have found it notoriously hard to classify job posts, this is why job boards have had relative success in leveraging search engines over the past decade.  Basically those job boards such as Indeed and Reed have invested heavily in search engine optimisation to make sure they appear at the top of job searches.   

However, it makes sense for Google to also join this party, as we move towards a future of voice search and a virtual assisted world.  In order to accumulate that data and allow search engines to provide meaningful results, consistency around job searches is key. 


Google for Jobs is powered using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Although you might associate this only with futuristic devices or conducting cutting-edge research, the reality is that this can underpin much of our day-to-day activities. 

However Google does require you to do some integration between your career website and Google’s search engine. This will ensure that Google indexes your job postings and they will appear in the search engine jobs results page.  Don’t be put off by the technical stuff (Google For Jobs full technical guide); it basically just means you need to edit some HTML on your job postings.

If you wanted to avoid this, you can just use a job board as usual – however you will still have to pay for the listing and its appearance on Google for Jobs is not guaranteed.  This is because whilst many job boards are working already with Google – including LinkedIn, Career Builder, Zip Recruiter and Reed – there are a few that aren’t, most notably Indeed.  Watch this space to see how this might impact on their traffic levels once Google for Jobs launces in the UK.


It was released in US last year and early reports on its success have been positive.  For the UK, despite numerous organisations claiming that it has already arrived, it hasn’t – at least, not at the time of writing this!  If you can’t wait for the official UK release and want a sneak peek, then just go to your search settings, set your location to the US, do a job search and you’ll see Google for Jobs in action.