Six Degrees Recruitment take a look at the top five ways to make your company attractive to potential employees…

  • Work-Life Balance

Don’t inconvenience your business to do this – but small considerations like flexible working hours, no calls after 5.30pm and an early finish from time to time could be viable and greatly appreciated options.

  • Recognition

Recognise a job well-done; be it in a private feedback or a public promotion (e.g. employee of the month) everyone appreciates positive feedback for their hard work.

  • Potential

Ensure to offer your highest performing and most motivated employees an opportunity to learn and develop; this helps your business and solidifies loyalty to your company.

  • Perks of the job

Bonuses and extra pay are always great but consider smaller things – discounted memberships, company rewards or treats in the office.

  • Reward

Make sure you reward your employees, job satisfaction is key, make a point of giving regular feedback not only will this engage your employee but it will also monitor potential that may otherwise go unseen.