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Should you go for that promotion?

This is an interesting article discussing whether the internal promotion is worth chasing or not. Getting a promotion is one of the holy grails of modern careers. It’s the post-college report card. It gives employees a goal and reason to work harder. It confers prestige and respect. It comes with more responsibility—and more money. But…

What are Talent personas in Employer Branding?

Sourcing the talent your team needs is tough at the moment. Creating a talent persona for a vacant role can ensure that you look in the right places with messaging which is on target. If you can define a persona for each team and segment for which you want to attract candidates, it will augment…

Managing successfully to promote a happy team

When your team has more good days at work, so do you. And when you’re on top form, your team is more likely to thrive too.  But something’s holding many of us back. Stress and poor mental well-being are among the leading causes of absence, presenteeism (people coming into work when they are ill) and…

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