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What It Takes To Be A Great Employee: The Parable Of The Orange

Being a great employee pays off with better positions, higher pay, and more frequent promotions. But some workers struggle to know exactly what it takes to become a truly great employee. The best explanation of how one becomes a great employee can be seen through a simple story known as The Parable Of The Oranges. The Parable of…

The top three questions candidates forget to ask in interviews

You have spent an hour or so with your interviewer, you feel you have established a good rapport with them and you know the job is perfect for you. At the end of the interview, the interviewer asks whether you have any questions. At this stage, many candidates take the opportunity to ask as to…

Jobseekers and employers struggle with huge skills mismatch

Some industry sectors have plenty of vacancies, while in others the jobs are few and far between According to a new report by the IPPR think tank, employers are struggling to recruit suitably qualified staff for vacancies in sectors such as sales and personal care amid a big skills mismatch affecting the British industry. The…

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