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10 most common candidate mistakes revealed

Employers use job interviews to gauge the suitability of candidates. However, there are some mistakes that employers are getting tired of seeing, according to a new report. Barclays Lifeskills has surveyed 500 interviewers. The results revealed the ten most common mistakes candidates make during a job interview. Candidates failing to do their research was the…

Company Formation in Cumbria 2015

Insight into Company Formations in Cumbria HERE

Movers and Shakers in Cumbria

Click here to see the latest movers and shakers in cumbria.

The Benefits of Collaboration

I was reading a very interesting article yesterday, published by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, on the recruitment industry in 2015 and how it needs to evolve to cope with the ever increasing skills shortage that the country is facing. It got me thinking about how relevant this piece was to Cumbria given the skills…

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