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Competitor benchmarking: How do you measure up?

It can be remarkably easy as a business just to keep doing what you’re doing in the confidence that there are only so many outside factors that will influence how you perform. Unless you’re in a very small (and fortunate) minority where you have no competition, often the biggest external threat to your success will…

“I Quit!” – 6 things about employee turnover your boss ought to know

Recruitment experts forecast that the words “I quit” would be this year’s employment catchphrase. That’s because the UK’s Millennials or Generation Y (those born in 1983 or later) are facing a jobs market that many may not have faced before. More firms are looking to recruit than offload, meaning that more workers will be calling…

BBC Radio Cumbria – Difficulties in Recruiting in Cumbria

Last night i participated in Radio Cumbria Money Talk program and it raised a number of questions with some of the difficulties in recruiting in Cumbria. Given there are skills shortages in certain areas and there is clearly a thought that we are not attracting or marketing Cumbria as a county sufficiently. Obviously if we…

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